Thursday, February 12, 2009

Piss Boy Story

I met one guy a couple weeks ago, from another similar ad I put up.
He was this totally hot skinny young emo twink, kind of quiet at
first, but then he took over.

We met at a motel because he couldn't host, so I got a room for us to play.
He had on these tight little underoos, so sexy with a huge bulge. But
he also brought a pair of bikeshorts, my absolute favorite type of
underwear, both pairs of which he had worn for at least a full day.
We started with some light foreplay, touching, kissing... then he
slowly stripped down to those underoos.

He climbed on the bed and pushed me back into the pillows, and jumped
up on my chest with his bulge right in my face. He wrapped his legs
partway around my head, and pulled me into his crotch. DAMN, it was
nice... a hot boy-smell, and funky from piss stains he didn't shake
away when he pissed. Nice, damp, sweaty, sexy smell, and a nice sized bulge.

"how's it smell... you like my underwear in your face? " he says quietly

I'm reaching up and running my hands across his smooth chest, his
decent abs, little nipples, and across his ass. I could feel him
starting to get hard right in my face, so i had to reach around and
rub his bulging package through those tight little underwear. We
continued this way for a little while, him grinding his crotch into
my face and squeezing my head between his legs the way i like it.

"mmmm.. you like that...." he moans, also enjoying it and getting stiffer

Then I had him go switch into those spandex bikeshorts (compression
shorts) and come back for some more of the same. Nothing like a shiny
spandex bulge, and they were also nice and funky smelling, but not
overpowering, just the way i like it. I only wish he had cologne,
Joop or Gaultier, my two favorites, but he didn't wear them. I had
him reach back and pinch my nipples, which are ultra-sensitive, while
i continued rubbing my face in his crotch, getting him harder.

"be right back" he says

He jumped off for a minute to go into the bathroom to drink some
water and prepare a surprise for me...., and when he came back out,
he crawled up next to me and stuffed his underoos in my face!!! They
were dripping with his piss!!! Opened my mouth and stuck them right
in so I had to suck that piss out. I'm furiously rubbing his bulge,
and whacking my own dick in total extacy.

"want to see it now?" he asks..

He's kneeling on the bed next to me, my head turned sideways, and he
pulls down those tight tight tight shorts, and his dick pops out. Its
hard as a rock, I won't say huge, but a nice full size boycock. Twink
erection. Surprise again... he's got a ring through the head of his
penis... a thick one. Awesome. I lick his dick for a little while,
smelling his balls, rubbing all over his body and my own. He's ready for more.

"put it in your mouth" he says.

just the head at first, feeling that hot throbbing cock tip and the
ring which is a different sensation. his left hand pinching my
nipple, his right hand holding my head... and suddenly he lets go
with a burst of PISS. i'm already sucking on his cock-head, so its
filling my mouth. its clear piss, he was drinking water for hours
before we met.... just the way i like it (i haven't quite gotten used
to the taste of strong piss and will gag on it, so i always make sure
to have the person drink alot before). Just a nice mouthful, and i
actually swallow it. his head tilted back in his own passion.

mmmm he moans

then he guides my head, and slowly pushes his dick down my throat, i
open up and try not to gag. its not so huge, but that ring makes it
feel different. i get it deep into my throat, he's hard as a rock,
and i feel another jet of piss!!! For a couple seconds he drains it
right down my throat, but i start to gag and he pulls out, finishing
another squirt in my mouth again.

i'm moaning in passion now too, he smiles in the dim light from the lamp

he reaches over and picks up his underoos again, they have gone cold
and damp, but he quickly fixes that. he drapes them across my nose
and mouth, scoots closer and lays his dick right on the edge of my
chin, and lets out a slow stream of hot piss to warm them back up.
its dripping into my mouth right through the cotton, running off the
sides of my face, almost going up my nose and in my eyes. Man... this
must be a little like "waterboarding" they torture people with, but
its just so hot and awesome. its a little hard to breath through the
soaked underwear, which turns me on more.

i'm ready for the climax now... i'm pretty simple what i like to do.
climb back up and sit on my chest, i say. pinch my nipple HARD, i
tell him. and pinch my nose shut with your other hand. he leaves the
underoos draped across my face, still soaked, but lifts up the edge
and puts his cockhead on my lips. nice touch, i think, because i
know whats gonna happen....

his fingers clamp onto my nipple, shooting blissful pain through my
chest and into my brains pleasure center. he clamps my nose shut,
waits a few seconds, and starts pissing into my mouth again. i'm
smothering, i can't breathe!! I'm jerking myself furiously... i still
cant breath... piss flooding my mouth.... choke on it..... pain in
nipples.... climax building..... more piss!!! and i'm COMING orgasm
amazing wow. he lets up so i can breathe through my nose, and
finishes his piss in my mouth i have to swallow it all. he's still
pinching my nipple now its so sensitive i have to push his hand away.

he leans down and kisses me again, gently.

it was fucking awesome.....

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